Leaders Enter Here

The Whack Room is not for wimps.

It’s for the strong and the brave. It’s for Network Marketers who are ready to play a big game.
You won’t get pie-in-the-sky rah rah here. This is where you run the gauntlet. You face your enemies.- all the things that can take you out of the game – all the bad shit inside and outside of you that you will definitely confront as you build your MLM empire. All the things that can get you whacked.


Wannabe Network Marketers wear rose colored glasses. They want everything to be easy. They only want to hear kissy-kissy supportive stuff. They want the reward of MLM without the pain. They’re like people who dream about having sculpted bodies. But they run for cover when you tell them to pump iron past the intense muscle burn.


If you enter the Whack Room, you’d better be ready to take on the Goon Squad. You’d better walk tall and proud. You’ll have to stand up to Guido Git, Lyin’ Lenny, and the rest of the gang. They’re gonna hit you hard. They’ll do it again and again. If you whimper or cry – if you utter one word of complaint, they will take you out, fit you for cement shoes, and drop you where you’ll never be found.


You’ll deal with another pain in the ass in the Whack Room. Me. This is where I rant. Get out if you don’t wanna hear me. Go find a love fest. Don’t come here for hugs. Come for tough love. Come for strength and courage.


The purpose of the Whack Room is to make you bullet proof. My goal is to make you love the Whack Room. I want you to get hooked on it. I want you to crave it like a fix. I want you to laugh at your enemies. I want you to feel like the eye of the storm when the world is blasting away at you. I want you to experience pain as pleasure.