This website is about leadership and lifestyle. It is definitely not about crime. It will help you to step into your role as a leader.

I’m a leader, a teacher, and a successful Network Marketer. I love this industry. It offers purpose, freedom, wealth, contribution, and play. That’s lifestyle, baby!

So what’s with this mobster thing? It’s my way of having fun. I want you to look at MLM through unfamiliar eyes. Why? To put you on the fast track to enormous success in Network Marketing. That’s the number one reason I created this site.

You can learn powerful leadership lessons from a crime boss.

Don’t take my word for it. Pick up a copy of Leadership Sopranos Style – How To Become A More Effective Boss by Deborrah Himsel.

The author is a highly successful businesswoman. She’s responsible for worldwide leadership development at Avon. She writes that Tony Soprano. “…is a remarkably effective boss who can teach MBAs a thing or two about leadership.”

There it is. Badabing!

When I refer to mob bosses, I don’t mean nickel and dime petty hoods. I’m talking about big players who command respect and loyalty, lead large crews, and build empires.

The stakes are high in organized crime. A boss masters leadership or dies. Failure is not an option. You hear that phrase a lot in Network Marketing. But talk is cheap. How many people walk their talk? Very few. Actually, only three percent.

The stakes aren’t high enough for the other ninety-seven percent. . They haven’t identified a life and death WHY. When the going gets tough, and it will, their business falters and dies.

If you have a deep burning WHY, congratulations! You're on the road to MLM leadership. If your WHY is fuzzy or invisible, make a decision now to find it and breath life into it. Read the posts on this blog for ideas and inspiration.