The Spartacus Factor

 POSITIVE THINKING – I believe in it. It’s not woo-woo. It is actually based on science. Thoughts are energy. Energy affects matter. Your thoughts will manifest into your reality.

BUT! Here’s the thing (from my point of view). A lot of people work at having awesome thoughts. Then they notice that their reality ain’t so awesome. Why is that?

Well, thoughts will lead to ACTIONS. And, once you know the actions, you actually have to DO THEM.

So, why don’t people do the actions? I believe the problem is in the LANGUAGE we use to define our actions. I find that most language about making changes in our lives is too soft, too polite, and too gentle.

CHANGE requires WAR! Yes, war! You don’t get from mediocrity to greatness without doing battle against inner and outer demons. Your habits and current thoughts keep you enslaved. And, you don’t break out of slavery without a battle.

SPARTACUS was a Thracian gladiator who led a successful slave uprising against the Roman Republic. He risked his life for his freedom.

I believe that the positive thoughts you create for the life you really want represent the FREEDOM that Spartacus put his life on the line for.

How badly do you want to change? Are you willing to risk everything for it? Are you willing to sacrifice, to feel pain, to experience defeat before your victory?

Are you willing to step into the arena like a gladiator? Or, would you rather watch the movie or the TV series about Spartacus and remain a spectator who dreams about greatness but lives mediocrity?

Just riffing.

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