The Leader In You

Meet the MLM Mobster

I’m Louis Di Bianco, a guy from the Bronx. What a great place to grow up – the Bronx! I learned more about life on the Bronx streets than I would ever learn in school. I absorbed lessons in my blood that have helped me become a dynamite teacher, actor, and professional network marketer.


There were street gangs all over the Bronx when I was a kid. I ran with one of them – sort of. I was more of a fascinated watcher than an active member. We called ourselves the Seven Elevens. I’m not sure why.


We were small time compared to the Fordham Baldies, The Young Sinners, The Red Devils, and the Italian Beretta’s. These guys were serious felons. They fought gang wars with garrison belts, switchblades, and pistols. The Devils had machine guns.


Why was it great to grow up in that environment? Because it kept me sharp. I had to develop keen survival skills. I developed my wit, my fast mouth, and my charm. I learned how to talk to people so they liked me and accepted me for who I was – even though I was not like them.


My survival skills fueled my creativity. They sparked my imagination. They helped me excel in English literature, public speaking, writing, teaching, and Network Marketing.


When I became a teacher, I took what I learned on the streets into the classroom. It made me authentic. Students loved it. It inspired them.


I had the privilege to teach in a private program for young high school dropouts. Some of them were ex-cons. I got them to respect heady subjects like math, writing, and literature by coming from the heart. I wore the street on my sleeve. That won their trust.


They devoured every intellectual challenge I gave them, and they grew. One of them, an ex-con, got an M.A. in history from a prestigious New England college. He graduated summa cum laude and became a teacher. Another student became a successful entrepreneur. I haven’t seen him in more than thirty years. He still calls me.


My journey took me from teaching to acting. I started on stage then moved into film and TV. I made a good living at it. I still do.


So what do you think this guy from the Bronx gets to do a lot of in front of the camera? He gets to play wiseguys and smartass funny characters with an edge. I’ve played doctors and lawyers, too. But mostly, I’m cast as a gangster. I love it. I get to mouth-off, wield power, and play by my own rules without hurting anyone.


Network Marketing is the most recent landmark in my journey. I’m here to stay. This is the best profession on earth. It enriches the teacher and the actor in me. It allows me to play, grow, and change people’s lives. All the while, I’m getting rich having so much fun!


One of my mentors calls Network Marketing the perfect form of democracy when it’s done well. That’s the key – “when it’s done well.”


I’m committed to help you do Network Marketing well. I will guide you to discover and unleash your authentic self. I will prod and provoke you to step into your power as a leader. I will help you evolve into a person who makes a positive impact on the world while you become obscenely rich. I will teach you to make offers they can’t refuse.