MLM – Your Gift Or Burden?


Most Network Marketers, yes even successful ones, get trapped into selling things. What about you?

How often do you find yourself “pitching” your great products, your compensation plan, or your awesome corporate leadership? Don’t feel bad. You are among the best of them.

Here’s the challenge. Your companies, yes, all of them, fire you up with constant reminders about the greatness of everything you offer. That’s what companies do. And you get seduced. Then, you work that same seduction on your prospects. And, you scare a lot of them away.

They’re not running from you. They’re running from that “same-old-same-old” they see everyday on the media.

So, how are you supposed to make money if you don’t sell things? Easy. By allowing people to buy from you. Huh? That’s right.


We all love to buy. It makes us feel good. And we all hate being sold to. Think of the hungry salesperson who swoops down on you like a bird of prey when you enter a store. How often have you responded to, “Can I help you?” with, “No thank you. Just browsing?”


You can trigger the buying impulse in people when you remember the reasons that they buy. What are those reasons? In one way or another, they are an expression of the six human needs (in no special order).

  • Significance
  • Certainty
  • Uncertainty (variety)
  • Connection
  • Growth
  • Contribution

I won’t explore these in detail in this post. I highly recommend that you look them up and study them.

Here’s one example of how to trigger a buying decision as opposed to delivering a sales pitch. You work for Rolls Royce. A man is in your showroom admiring a Phantom Drophead Coupe. Why did I choose this car? Because nobody needs one. I mean, really needs one. But a lot of people want one. And many people buy this car with a $470,000 price tag.

Are they buying a thing? Hell no! The thing is a gorgeous hunk of metal, leather, rubber, and an engine that propels you from point A to point B. So is a Dodge Dart.

The person who buys the Phantom is buying a self image. He is buying nobility, admiration, awe, and sex appeal. He may even be buying intelligence, or, let’s say, the perception of intelligence. After all, if he has achieved the kind of success that affords him a Rolls Royce, he must be pretty damned smart.

Your job is to help him live his dream of significance when you talk to him in the showroom. You must put him in the starring role of his own magnificent movie. Then, he will make his own choice to exchange almost a half a million is cash for a depreciating asset, aka a liability. Ain’t got nothing to do with a car.

OK. Back to your Network Marketing reality. You sell the best protein shakes on the planet. They have the most potent branch amino acid chain known to the human body. Important? For your health, yes. For your wallet, no. Ask yourself, “What does my prospect long for in her life that she will definitely get from my protein shake?” Look to the six human needs for your answer.


Nothing means anything until you make it something. Don’t think that’s true? Take it up with the sages and philosophers. Shakespeare put it this way: “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”

I love that thought. It is so empowering. It means that perception is everything. Embrace this idea. Put it responsibly into practice (only promote products and services with real value). And, your MLM business will become a gift to you, your customers, and your team. You will no longer struggle. You will thrive beyond your wildest dreams.

Here’s a powerful exercise you can practice with your team to create prospecting magic. Work in pairs. One person hands an empty box to another. You do this mechanically. It is just a box. It has no special meaning.

Repeat the exercise. But, this time, hand the box to your partner AS IF it were a precious gift. Make it specific in you mind. What makes it special? Who is the person receiving it? Make that person important to you.

Continue this practice. Each time you give the gift, endow it with more meaning. Be patient. You may trigger powerful emotions in yourself and your partner. You started with an empty box. Nothing. You gave it meaning.

That meaning is the perception that you offer to your prospects. A perception that makes them feel something real. It impacts and transforms them. It makes them want to buy from you. It makes them want to join you and follow you.

That empty box plus the magic of “as if” will help you build your Network Marketing empire and create your legacy.

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