Your MLM Failure – 2015!

Witness ProtectionThe MLM Mobster came out of Witness Protection to support your success in 2015.

Wait a minute. Then why does he kick off the new year predicting your failure? Stick around. You’ll see.

I’ve been quiet for a while, but I’m very much in the game. I’m in it for life.

I love MLM. It’s been good to me. I’m closing this year with a bang. And 2015? Watch out!

Here’s the thing. I’ve seen a lot of carnage this year. A lot of MLM newbie and wannabe roadkill. Will you join that crew this year? Not if you avoid these 7 traps that will definitely take you out of the game.


Chances are you start your MLM journey with a big dream. You are pumped! You shout your opportunity from the rooftops. You enrol a few people. You make some money.

Six months into it, you aren’t feeling so high. You start hearing more no’s than yeses; and the money, well it pays a few bills, but it doesn’t put you behind the wheel of that shiny new Beamer. You start thinking, “This is taking too much time.”

Maybe the economy tanks. The media tells you that money is tight. All your prospects hold on to their wallets for dear life. You start thinking, “My great products, services, and opportunity are too expensive.”

How about this one? Your sponsor throws in the towel. She finds a JOB! That does it. Your balloon goes POP!

Time, money, support – they become the circumstances that steamroll your dream. You run for cover in a 9 to 5.


This one can snare veterans as well as newbies.

Your family doesn’t approve of Network Marketing. Your friends think you’re nuts for giving up your nights in front of the tube to attend meetings. Your peers look at you strangely and tell stories about you joining a cult.

Not being liked is enough to scare a lot of newbies into a lifetime of of mediocre employment. They would rather feel accepted and loved than free.

So, you’re a veteran. How do you fall into this trap? By letting down your guard. You may have a taste of MLM success. But everyone has moments of weakness and doubt. In those moments, the voices of criticism get very loud in your head.

If you can’t stand the volume, you’ll run to a safer place. It’s called mediocrity. Nothing safe about it, but it’s very seductive.


This one’s a classic. It’s the old, “I’ll shoot myself in the foot” game. Your a shoe in for this trap if you’re an expert, a professional sales guy or gal. You charge into MLM like a lion. Sales is your turf. You will dominate this puppy and build an empire.

3 way calls? Not for you. They’re for timid members of the herd. Meetings? You don’t need them. All you need is a prospect, and you can sell,sell, sell.

There’s one big problem. Network Marketing is not a sales business. It’s a teaching, coaching, and team building business. Sales will get you front-end money. They will never give you leverage. And leverage, my friends, is the soul of MLM.


You enrol people. But not as many as so-and-so. You earn decent money. But so-and-so earns obscene money. You enjoy your company convention. But so-and-so walks across the stage and wins awards – every time.

There must be something wrong with you. When you had a job, you were top dog. Maybe it’s time to quit this MLM thing.


Your leadership gives you a system to build your business. You follow it – for a while. You hear about another system. It intrigues you. You latch onto it, and it works – for a while.

The internet casts its spell on you, and you start to build your business online exclusively – for a while.

Six months into this hopscotch game you realize that your business isn’t growing. Maybe you should find another system. Maybe you should create one of your own. Maybe you should quit. Maybe, maybe, maybe, will definitely shrink your dream.


Your company has the best compensation plan on the planet. Really? Then why does so-and-so from ABC company earn much more than you? Word’s out that their comp plan is the best one on the planet.

Word is also out that XYZ company has a product that’s easier to sell. And’ it’s less expensive. What about XYZ’s comp plan. It’s also the best one on the planet.

You’re confused. There’s one surefire way to clear things up. Join those other companies, and find out for yourself. You do. And guess what? They are also the best companies you’ve ever seen – for a while. Until you discover PQR company.

The madness continues. Until you quit, get sane, and get a JOB.


I’ve saved the nastiest one for last. This one is cloak and dagger lethal. It often takes giants out of the game. Here’s what it looks like.

You’re doing great in MLM. You’re making more money than you ever did on your *%##!! JOB. You’re helping people. You’re gaining new friends. This is perfect. And, that’s the problem!

An ancient program that your conscious mind forgot about lurches out of hiding to announce that you do not deserve this much joy and success. You should be struggling like the rest of the world. How dare you step into this much greatness! Get back where you belong.

And, you do. Yes, you find a way to undermine your success. You follow that up with another brilliant move. You totally justify your fall from grace. How ingenious! And how sad.


The MLM Mobster is a positive guy. He is all about leadership, support, and extreme success. He will never leave you in the lurch.

The great news is that all seven traps are self-created. They only have the power that you give them to snare you and hold you.

In fact, none of these traps are real. They don’t exist. They are perceptions that you can change. They are frames that determine what you see in them. Change the frame, and you change the picture. That’s the way it works.


Every world-class Network marketing leader echoes the same truth – the foundation for your success or failure is always your mindset.

Tired of hearing that? So what! Be humble like “The Karate Kid” and embrace the attitude of “wax-on-wax-off.” To help you do that, begin your year by reading, “The Circle of Fire” by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Read it. Apply what your learn. Then step into the greatness and success that you deserve in 2015.  It’s yours for the asking. It’s a promise that the MLM profession can and will deliver.



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