MLM Christmas Challenge


It’s great to be in the Christmas spirit. Right? Well, yeah… kinda.  No,  I’m not gonna go Scrooge on you. I’m going to share  what the top  leaders in MLM  know about Christmas.



It’s true that network marketing is a personal development course with a compensation plan. Christmas offers a special gift to Network Marketers. It challenges you to discover if you are professionals or amateurs.


How you deal with this season determines your level of  commitment. You will find out if you are champs or hobbyists.



The media creates a powerful Christmas energy. It has a strong magnetic pull. If you’re not prepared,  it will sweep you away like an undertow. it’s easy, fun, and intoxicating to go with the Christmas flow. You can bounce from party to party, forget your woes in a frenzy of shopping, surrender your time to all the Christmas flicks on TV, and passively float toward  that gentle letdown on December 26.


Then, as you sip your coffee staring at the open boxes and shreds of Christmas wrap, it dawns on you that you haven’t made a prospecting call in 3 weeks. Maybe, you shrug your shoulders and say, “Oh well, I’ll make a few calls tomorrow.”


You may even make those calls. But, what will your level of energy be? Will you be 100% present? You see, your 3 weeks of jingle bells and white Christmas have derailed your momentum. And momentum is EVERYTHING to the Network Marketing professional.



December 26 is the lull of the storm. There’s a new tidal wave approaching. And this one can potentially do more damage than the first.



The ball’s gonna drop on New Year’s Eve. Will you be smiling in your party hat? Will you be ready for the countdown to zero?


The truth is that New Years Eve is another magnet that can trigger all the bad habits that trap people in mediocrity. It pulls you along as you spend too much, eat too much, and definitely drink too much. At the stroke of midnight, Dec. 31, the wrecking ball whacks you into your new year.


But there ain’t nothing new about it. It’s the same painfully slow start to your MLM business. It’s the same game of catchup as you emerge from the holiday haze.



Here’s the thing. The holidays as stupor is part of the employee mindset. It has no place in an entrepreneur’s game plan. Most employees are prisoners to their jobs. The Christmas season is parole time. So, they go bananas before returning to the joint.


A professional Network Marketer loves her work. Her work is her play. There’s no need to escape it. It is the joyful path to freedom.



The leaders I respect and emulate work their business with a vengeance during this festive season. They go to parties, they eat, they drink, they dance – all in moderation. And, they PROMOTE their business.


They offer their products and services as holiday gifts. They encourage people to do their Christmas shopping with them. Yes, some even take orders on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.


They are willing to do today what others won’t so they can have tomorrow what other’s can’t.


Give yourself the blessing of abundance and true prosperity this Christmas by stepping into your leadership as a Network Marketing professional.






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