Meyer, Lucky & You

Meyer-Lansky1Lucky_Luciano_mugshotMeyer Lansky’s biography is “Little Man.” He was four nine short. Lucky Luciano was five eight tall. Lucky and his gang ruled N.Y.’s lower east side back in the day. They muscled money out of newcomers, especially non-Italians.

Lucky tried to muscle Meyer, a Jew. Meyer looked Lucky in the eyes and told him to _____ himself. The little man was a shtarker, a tough guy. Lucky liked him instantly. They became lifelong friends and business partners who shaped the face of organized crime in America.

What’s this got to do with you and your success in Network Marketing? Glad you asked. The MLM Mobster will shed some light.

Old school Italian mobsters had no respect for Jews. Meyer was a short Jew, a total outsider that wiseguys like Lucky could toss like crumpled scraps of paper. But here’s the thing. A person can only make you feel small if you allow it. Meyer did not allow it.

He could have been two feet tall. He still would have looked up directly at Lucky without fear in his eyes or his heart. Lansky had a strong self image that allowed him to perceive Luciano as just another guy who could not push the little man around. Meyer’s self image erased Lucky’s mental picture of a pushover. The result? They made criminal fortunes together.


This brings us back to you. Now don’t leave the rails on me. I’m not suggesting a life of crime. I am saying that how you play the MLM game, whether you win or lose, all depends on your story.

Let’s make this crystal clear and baby simple. Every day when you go out to face the world and prospect, you’re gonna meet only one of two people. Ladies, feel free to substitute women’s names.

You’re either gonna meet Eddie Easy or Harry Hard. This may sound funny, but it ain’t a joke. You’re either programmed to expect easy, or your wired to experience hard.

How do I know? Because I spent most of my life believing in, expecting, and always finding Harry Hard. He was my parents’ friend, my teachers’ friend, he was the only guy my eyes were trained to see. I wouldn’t have recognized Eddie Easy if I tripped over his shoe and fell flat on my face. Hey, I wouldn’t even have seen him. He was invisible to me.

It didn’t matter whom I met. It mattered whom I saw. When my inner story sounded something like this, “He won’t like what I have to offer; he’ll think it’s too expensive; he’s too successful to believe a guy like me; blah-blah-blah,” I would always see him on a pedestal.

The words that came out of my mouth never reached his ears. My fearful energy reached his heart, and he said no to me every time. He lived up to my expectation because my self image directed him to.

The point is that I SAW every person I met as Harry Hard. And every person I met proved me right. Harry was running my show.


My circumstances didn’t change. The people around me didn’t change. I didn’t move to a neigborhood full of Eddie Easies. I made a DECISION to look inside and challenge my self image, to question all the assumptions that had created “reality” for me. I invested time and money in powerful personal development courses. I fell in love with this journey of self discovery and reinvention. I will travel this road the rest of my life.

And here’s what’s great, what’s fun, what’s profitable. I’m not meeting Harry Hard that often. In fact, I frequently meet Eddy Easy who likes saying yes to me. Funny thing is, if I look closely at his features, he resembles Harry Hard. Damn! They could be twins. But the strong image I project into his mind makes him behave like Eddie Easy.

Remember the little shtarker who put a smile on the Italian wiseguy’s face. Remember him; then go out and greet all the Eddie Easies who will help you create your fortune.



  • Tim

    February 20, 2014

    Louis, I think this is a great post. I loved the way you tie these characters to what we do as a profession.

  • Janet

    February 22, 2014

    Love this!! It’s so true — you find what you expect to find. I’m working on changing how I perceive myself… and others. Thanks for defining it so well! Now I’ll have a smile on my face when I see Harry Hard — and he might just become his twin, Eddie Easy. Yes!