Left side of the menu is what the MLM lifestyle is all about. You know, ordering your food from the left side of the menu without even looking at the price on the right. I’m not talkin’ about a splurge at Denny’s or Burger King…

If you chow down in those joints, and your eyeballs pull to the the prices on the right, chances are you barely have a life. Sorry for the dagger in your heart, but the MLM Mobster calls it like it is.

Anyway, don’t feel bad. I lived most of my early adult life on the right side of the menu. My mouth watered at the thought of Chilean sea bass; but the price gave me a knot in my stomach. My eyes immediately shot down to the $9.95 chicken. That’s what I ordered.

I was always worried about money. Okay, I’ll admit it. I was obsessed about it. I hate to say this, but my shoulders got tense the minute I walked into a nice restaurant.

As a kid, dinnertime in my family was always a lesson in scarcity. Don’t get me wrong, we always had food on the table. Good food. Hey, I’m Italian, and my dad was a good provider.

But my father came from poverty. He was a farm boy from a big family in a tiny Italian village near Naples. He lived through the Great Depression. So, before the first fork full of food entered my mouth each night, dad always said, “Do you know how much that would cost in a restaurant?”

I had no idea what those words were doing to my head. But for years, I avoided eating out for fear of going broke. And I resented people who could easily treat themselves to a delicious meal in a special restaurant.

Even after I got a good education and had a job, the thought of dropping fifty bucks in a restaurant was enough to keep me up at night. Imagine what that did to my social life. I mean the thought of taking a woman out to dine could make me break out in a sweat. I didn’t have a lot of fun dating.

All that nonsense ended when I discovered Network Marketing.

You see, I started earning money right away. Oh, it wasn’t big money at first. But it was residual income. And what a thrill when I watched it grow exponentially!

I’ve been with my primary company for five years. And the money now? Let’s just call it sweet.

I’ll let you in on a little secret that’s even sweeter. The thought that there are no limits on the money I can earn makes me giddy. That thought plus the confidence I’ve gained from my Network Marketing success have unshackled my mind from fears about money. Now, I practice and enjoy ordering my food from the left side of the menu.

Here’s what it’s like. A few weeks ago, I flew to Orlando 1st class. Because I could. I wanted to meet Omar Martin, an Internet marketer I’ve connected with online. I stayed at the Disney Swan resort. Because I could.

There are 17 restaurants at the resort. Something for every taste and budget. I’m not concerned about budget these days, so I chose to have dinner at Todd English’s Blue Zoo, an upscale seafood restaurant.

I smiled when I saw the menu. Everything was à la carte. And one item, the fresh catch of the day, had no price next to it. Just these two words, “market price.” Once upon a time those words would strike fear in my heart. Not anymore.

My waitress, Monica, told me that the fresh catch was called the dancing fish because it looks like it’s dancing while it cooks on a twirling skewer. I ordered it.

I drank an exotic beer and enjoyed the scenery while I waited for my food. The fish arrived, a yellow-tail snapper, and a young man filleted the delicacy at my table. When the first white morsel touched my tongue my whole body smiled. To say the fish was fresh and tender is an understatement. You don’t eat this kind of food, you savor every bite. It’s an indescribable sensual pleasure that keeps you totally in the moment.

My side dish was sinfully delicious. Fresh, crisp, green beans, in a light tempura, served with a truffle aioli dip. What does it taste like? Let’s just call it safe sex in public.

The finishing touch was a chocolate cake that I’ll have to show you because it’s impossible for me to describe and a cup of Blue Mountain coffee.

I thought about my dad as I was paying the bill. He would have been shaking his head in disapproval because I paid $14 for a piece of cake the size of a large cork. He would’ve reminded me that a fresh piece of snapper was only $10 on Arthur Avenue. He would have been right about the facts.

But the dinner I just had, probably one of the best in my life so far, has nothing to do with the facts. I didn’t buy a piece of fish. I bought an experience. I bought the chef’s amazing expertise. I bought the charming waitress’s service. I bought the classy atmosphere of my surroundings. I bought the intangibles of a lifestyle. Those intangibles make life so sweet and ever so worth living.

I’m deeply grateful to my dad for his hard work and sacrifice that made it possible for me to create a life way beyond survival. I’m grateful for my freedom, my wealth, and the incredible dreams that I can touch because of Network Marketing.


  • william rap

    August 5, 2011

    nice website looks like you have some great things going on….

  • Drew Berman

    August 5, 2011

    MOBSTER – you nailed it brother

  • Drew Berman

    August 5, 2011

    Mobster – you NAILED it on this one brother. Love ordering what I want, not limiting my choices by price. Wanting Chilean sea bass and ordering chicken is not the way to go. When I went and bought running shoes, I asked what are your best… price was pretty high… so I said do you have anything as good, but not as highly priced. He said yes, but only if you want second best… no thanks, I did not want second best. I love network marketing. Only the best… oh yeah and flying first class? Fly in the front of planes and drive in the back of cars….

  • Caren

    August 7, 2011

    Great post Louis! I look forward to reading from the left side of the menu thanks to Talk Fusion!!

  • Brian Sy

    November 6, 2011

    If this is the kind of life that MLM offers, I should start building my MLM business or start to be part of it. This kind of life is so wonderful to have.