Goon Squad

The goons are around while you build your Network Marketing empire. Sometimes they’re right in your face. Sometimes they lurk in the shadows waiting to pounce.


Think you can avoid them? Fugeddaboutit! They’re part of the territory. The bigger your game gets, the more they show up.


But here’s the shot. These take-you-outta-the-game mamalukes can make you strong. They can sharpen your wits. They can beam your focus. All you gotta do is stand up to them, look ‘em in the eye, and say the right words to make ‘em back down.


What if you don’t know the right words? No problem. I’ll teach them to you if you’re a standup woman or man who really wants to lead their own MLM crew - if you’re a person who respects and commits to success.

billy blah

nino nono

guido git

willie whack

lyin' lenny

billyBILLY BLAH: This guy will never raise a hand to you. Not because he likes you. Raising a hand, or even a finger, is too much effort for Billy. BB will say yes to your opportunity. He’ll say yes to everything you ask him. Once he enrolls, he’ll sit on his ass and never budge. Billy’s game is APATHY.
ninoNINO NONO: Nino will rain on your parade. Run the other way when you see him coming. Never make the mistake of talking to him. He only knows how to say, “No, “ and, “That won’t work.” Nino is aka Mr. Naysayer. He’s the DREAM STEALER! His passionate goal is to keep you broke.
guidoGUIDO GIT: His favorite expression is, “Git outta here!” Actually, that’s his whole vocabulary. Guido is pure REJECTION. That’s his essence, his raison d’etre as they say in school.
willieWILLIE WHACK: Willie loves his work. He’s a bonafide stone-cold hit man. You gotta really watch your step around him. He’ll kick you off the pier to swim with the fishes. He only plays one game - ATTRITION. He whacks more dreams in MLM than I care to mention.
lennyLYIN' LENNY: This is one slippery snake. He gets his jollies building your hope, stoking your dreams. Lenny’s MO is DECEPTION. He’ll give you a wild roller coaster ride, then laugh his ass off when you walk away dizzy.