Eric Worre Prepares You For The Mattresses

Mattress“That Sonny’s runnin’ wild. He’s thinkin’a going to the mattresses already.” Clemenza said this in “The Godfather .” We’re talkin’ one. If you don’t know Clemenza, ask Google, or stop reading this.

“The Godfather” put the expression on the map. It means to prepare for battle or adopt a warlike stance. And that’s why I love Eric Worre. Huh?

Okay, I’ll explain. Eric Worre tells it like it is. He doesn’t sugarcoat the Network Marketing profession. He doesn’t make it seem warm and fuzzy. He undersands it. He respects it. He knows what it takes to succeed in MLM. And he hits you right between the eyes with the powerful truth about this awesome profession. The faint of heart are gonna run when they hear him speak. That’s a good thing!

On February 15, Worre delivered a breath-of-fresh-air 90 minute presentation called, “How To Recruit 20 People in 30 Days.” No mumbo jumbo. No airy fairy talk. No just-smile-and-love-the-world nonsense. Just powerful directives with balls! And lots of math to back up every word.

Not to mention Eric’s track record in MLM. He’s earned $15 million. How did he do it? By answering the bell and climbing back in the ring every time he got knocked down. The man went to battle for his freedom, and he won!

Are you willing to fight, face ridicule, doubt, and rejection to create an extraordinary life? As my mentor, T. Harv Eker says, “We’ll see.”

Cuz here’s the essence of Eric Worre’s battle plan for triumph over a life of mediocrity. First, you’ve got to make a DECISION. A real decision, one with guts, isn’t born in your head. It gets life from your heart, your emotions. The seed of that decision is in a burning a desire, a deeply rooted WHY that you are willing to bleed and die for.

When you feel the power of your decision, when the feeling is so strong that it overshadows doubt and fear, you are ready to begin. How do you begin? By standing outside of the pack. By doing that scary thing – talking to people – a lot of them – every day for 30 days. Let me qualify that. By talking to a lot of STRANGERS. You know, the ones that momma told you not to talk to.

Wanna rest one day a week? OK.

So, what will your days of action look like? You will be on the phone or talking face to face, or live chatting on social media with people you don’t know yet for 16 hours a day if you’re fulltime and 8 hours Monday to Friday plus 16 hours on weekend days if you’re part-time.

Jack Nicholson popped into my head when I wrote that last sentence. I saw him on the witness stand yelling at Tom Cruise, “You can’t handle the truth!” The movie? Look it up.

What does it take to prospect like that with an uninterrupted laser focus? Sacrifice. What are you willing to give up? TV? A weekly card game? Concerts? Time with the wife and kids? How about grocery shopping, doing laundry, even eating? Can you give up the perks of comfort that stand between your dreams and a life of longing and mediocrity? If the answer is “Not now,” decide when. If the answer is, No!” get out of MLM. The last two sentences are my own thoughts.

Can you build your business slow and steady? Sure. But will you really build it? Worre uses the image of an airplane on the runway. It ain’t gettin’ off the ground at 20% or even 60% throttle. It will keep moving until it runs out of runway. Then, it stops or crashes. It ain’t gonna fly!

You go at it talking, connecting, setting appointments, and presenting like gangbusters for the first 10 days. You don’t stop in the second 10 days, but you make time to follow up. In the final 10 days, you focus on closing. Eric defines closing as helping people make a life changing decision. I like that. It’s something you can believe in and get excited about.

Some of you may be thinkin, “Who am I gonna talk to?” The 300 or so people on your new list. You don’t know 300 people? Sit down with a blank sheet of paper and a pen, and start writing. Get into ACTION, and discover HOW you will do this.

I believe Eric Worre when he smiles, looks into the camera, and says, “You can do this!”

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  • Janet

    February 22, 2014

    Great write-up, Louis! Because of this blog I tracked down Eric’s talk & watched it. You’re right: no punches pulled, but GREAT information! Thanks for the motivation!