But I Hate To Sell!

Boo hoo! An aversion to selling is one of the biggest excuses for not playing full out in Network Marketing. Yes, it’s an excuse. It doesn’t matter how convincing your story is, you know, the one you tell yourself, it’s still an excuse. I’ll prove it to you…

I’ve written about Jeffrey Combs in this blog before. He is a brilliant thought leader who teaches the principles of success. Everything he teaches can be summed up in the phrase that he coined, “more heart than talent.” Here’s a story about “selling” that breathes life and meaning into that phrase.

A network marketer named Marie goes into the hospital for surgery. She lies on a gurney in pre-op. She sees another woman enter the hospital. Marie thinks, “Wow! My nutritional products would really help that woman.” Now what’s Marie gonna do? They never covered this situation in the sales books she’s read.

Then she hears the woman talk to her husband. She tells him, “I commit to getting healthy when I get out of here. I never felt better than when I took ____________.” You guessed it. The woman spoke the name of Marie’s nutritional products. I won’t mention it here because I’m not promoting a specific MLM company.

Marie can’t believe her ears. She’s not drugged and hallucinating. She wants to shout to the woman, “Hey, I’ve got what you need.” She restrains herself out of politeness. Hospital attendants come and start wheeling her gurney to the operating room. Marie prays. “Lord, if you want me to help this woman, please bring us together.” She looks up at the interns who are ready to put her to sleep.

Suddenly another gurney appears. Yup. It’s the other woman within earshot. Marie goes for it. “Excuse me. I overheard your conversation. I sell ____________. Tell me your email. I’ll remember it.” The other woman lights up. “No,” she says, “I want to give you all my contact info right now.”

There’s no denying these two. They ask for note paper and a pen before their anesthetic. The hospital staff comply. Marie instructs them to attach the paper to her chart Both women go under and roll away to surgery.

Cut to post-op recovery in Marie’s hospital room. Her roommate? Of course. The other woman.  The nurse asks if they want the curtains open so they can talk. You bet they do. The women bond.The nurses are intrigued. They want to know more about Marie’s nutritional company.

The next day, Marie and her new friend leave the hospital at the same time. They’re in wheelchairs. Marie turns to her companion and says, “This was worth the cyst on my back.” Her friend retorts, “It was worth my foot operation.” They part company, but not for long.

Marie goes home a healthy happy woman with a new heart connection and six hot leads.

Your mindset will determine how you react to this story. If you’re married to your belief that you can’t sell, you will dismiss it as fiction. If you’re open and live in the place where there’s more heart than talent, you know that the  story is true.

I assure you that it is. Marie shared it with more than two hundred and fifty people this morning. We were on a daily mentoring call led by one  of our company’s millionaires.

Get out of your own way. Get out of your head and into your heart. Deepen your belief in your products, your services, your company, and yourself. Stand tall and proud as a Network Marketer. Share your belief with passion.

Want to call it selling? So be it. I call it making offers that people can’t refuse.


  • Marie Joseph

    November 3, 2009

    Louis you captured the story of my connection so perfectly and applied it to network marketing exceptionally! Jeffery Combs is an excellent coach and trainer and it is an honor to be an example of his teaching!!! I left the hospital thinking what Jeff teaches… success is where preparation meets opportunity. I believe so much in my opportunity and felt so comfortable with the process that it flowed and not having paper and being tied to an IV in a hospital bed was not going to get in the way of getting the woman’s information! The memory skills I’ve learned would serve me!! I love this business and that makes it a challenge and exciting! Thank you again for capturing the story and making it a lesson which even I gained more insight from! YOU ROCK Louis!

  • Tyson F. Gautreaux

    December 8, 2009

    I read this post twice. I’m in total agreement. You really make sense. Thanks and good luck to you.

  • Kathleen

    December 21, 2009

    You are an inspiration Louis.

    Your commitment, belief and enthousiasm come through in evrything you write and bring forward. I believe that we are what we say….and I can say that you have the makings of a Great Leader!!


  • Lynn

    January 8, 2010

    What an amazing story! Talk about a burning desire to connect! So many of us feel the impulse to want to speak to someone but kill the impulse as we second guess ourselves. I love that Marie had the courage to share herself by speaking up! And look at the fabulous good she did! She brought real value into the other woman’s life as well as to those who were watching the whole connection happen! Thanks for sharing Marie’s story.

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    February 5, 2010

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  • David Emil Lombard

    March 5, 2010

    People who ‘hate to sell’ require a mindset shift to a place of prosperity and service. You provide a valuable solution to a problem, your proud to do so, & hence you release the excuse and get in the game!

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